Correct punctuation is crucial in pretty much any form of written content. Let’s look at two types of punctuation that seem to cause a lot of problems: commas and hyphens.

There are many fun quotes and phrases out there that highlight the importance of using them accurately. One of my favourite examples that shows the importance of correct comma usage is the following:

Let’s eat Grandma!

Let’s eat, Grandma!

What can we learn from this? Well, I guess the key lesson here is that one little comma really can save poor old Grandma’s life! And anything that powerful is worth getting right, I’d say.

As for hyphens, they can make just as much difference. Understanding them can – in certain situations – also be a matter of life or death. Check it out: would you know when to panic?

There’s a man-eating shark over there.

There’s a man eating shark over there.

A man-eating shark is pretty different from a man eating shark. One refers to a dangerous animal; the other is simply a description of what someone is doing.